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Exhibition "Easier material", Tel Aviv Yaffo


Everyone is accustomed that the paper is only for writing and printing, but a new exhibition at the Museum of Eretz Yisrael will show that it is not only the material for books and newspapers, and this is something unprecedented, a delicate art that will amaze with the ease and sophistication . 

Only until March 10, 2014 twenty five artists and students paper file known Israeli Shenkar School will present the exhibition "Easier material" sculpture, painting, origami, assemblages and much more surprising, made ​​of plain paper. 

Here you will see the old books are transformed into a window, and tightly rolled bows are great curtains, elegant dress which can be obtained from slices "Ketubah" (marriage contract), and the veil - cubes and origami. 

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Start: 30 January 2014
End: 26 April 2014
The exhibition center of Israel held the largest exhibition of one of the brightest representatives of the High Renaissance (Renaissance) - Leonardo da Vinci.
Start: 12 November 2013
End: 14 November 2013

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