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Jerusalem, Jerusalem district (mahoz)

Jerusalem is not in the list of the most beautiful places on the planet and it is not listed among the biggest and richest cities. It is above all ratings, tastes and preferences. Jerusalem is a unique combination of antiquity, sanctity and culture. The city is steeped in the aura of hope. The majority of people come there to look for repentance, communication with themselves and discovery of new facets of life. Therefore, a trip to the Holy City can’t be considered just a regular trip for new experiences and new people. It is rather a journey into yourself.


The old part of the town hosts the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the most important shrine of not only Jerusalem, but also of all the Christians. Mount Calvary can be found there, where according to the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ died and resurrected. And it is there, where every year during the Orthodox Easter a real miracle happens – the Holy Fire descends from the heaven to faithful people. The scene is so magnificent that it’s impossible to get to the temple through the long line of people blocking the entrance already a day before.


Also, the Holy Sepulchre keeps the stone with the traces of blood, reminding us that Jesus endured terrible torments for the sake of people. This piece of rock has already for many centuries been a symbol of repentance, humility and mercy for all the mankind. Shrines of Jerusalem attract millions of pilgrims every year regardless of their religion. Some people are looking for physical healing and some – for spiritual one. And, all of them get what they want. Isn’t it a miracle?


It is impossible to tell about all the sights of Jerusalem, every street in the Old City has its own history. Therefore, we’ll talk only about the most important ones. Way of the Cross or Via Dolorosa begins from the place where the verdict of Jesus Christ was approved and announced, and ends on the Calvary where he was martyred. Along this road Jesus was walking with a heavy cross on his shoulders. Millions of believers dream to go this way to understand their place in life, to go their way to acknowledge their mistakes and become better. On the Way of Sorrows there are 14 stops, each of them has a special meaning – from sentencing Jesus and to the moment when his body was put in a coffin.


Another important sight of the Old City is the Western Wall. This is one of the four walls erected by King Herod the Great to strengthen the platform on which the Temple was located. However, it is known as the Wailing Wall and it is what remained of an ancient temple complex. Praying Jews can always be seen here. They come here as a sign of mourning for the destruction of the Temple. Here, they celebrate holidays and say their most intimate prayer.


If you come to Jerusalem to learn its history, make sure to visit the Mount of Olives with the breathtaking views from the hill of 80 meters high. The Old City in all its glory can be seen from there. Right there you can find a suitable group or hire a personal guide to go on an amazing journey along the streets of old Jerusalem.


Jerusalem is full of unique ancient churches, synagogues and mosques, they are everywhere! This is an amazing place where the 1st century neighbours the 21st century. The city has known it all: violence and harmony, love and hate, pain and joy. It survived the heyday and decline, rapid destruction and rapid construction. Not without a reason it is called the Eternal City.

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